Welcome to the thoughts of a Dwarf. This intrepid site is designed primarily to allow a place where I can store all of my writings, be it stories or poems or illogical philosophical rants. I hope to be able to provide interesting reading material for my friends and the random stranger who somehow gets sucked off course and finds this sight. Feel free to comment or even request stories. The more inspiration that I have, the more I can explore the limits of imagination and using literary works to rest for a moment from the tedious demands of reality.

In the beginning, I will be uploading many of my already written works. Though most of them are written for the gaming website Achaea.com, which is a text based MUD that I have been playing since 1998. My current main character in Achaea is the Dwarven Paladin known as Goryllin. His viewpoint is used in many of my current stories, as I draw upon his life and his world to create the science fantasty realities in which my story characters dwell.

Achaea is a medieval setting fantasy world, filled with Dwarves, Humans, Trolls, and many more fantastical races and professions. It is a living and breathing world in that every player has a chance to change the world and its direction. It is a player driven roleplay enhanced realm where combat, life, death and yes even taxes are all a part of the experience. We wouldn't mind having you drop by for a visit and pint of ale, if you do visit please send Goryllin a message and he will be glad to help you.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Due to a recent conversation with a few friends and allies. I might be considering resuming posting my writing and ramblings here. I have so many stories and ideas in my head, perhaps it might be time to share a few with those who dare to read this blog.

I know that I should warn you now: I have a very self efacing humor. So please bear with me and understand that I am laughing at myself, that way you don't have to *Smile*

Before I get into sharing all of my deep dark secrets and the machinations and plots roaming through the grey matter in my head, let me share with you some cool things that I have found over the past few years. That way you can have some fun supporting awesome projects and add a little sunshine to your life as well.

First and foremost, I found Kickstarter. Its AWESOME. It allows those of us who lead ordinary lives to actually invest in nifty projects that are the heart and soul of others and be a part of the change that we want to make in the world. New businesses, games, tools, art, music, all of it!

Let me share a few that I personally liked: Artisan Dice

Some nifty customizable figurines for gaming


(Maybe you figured out that I was not joking about being a gamer )

And my favorite! The world of Kingdom Come


The Kingdom Come Kickstarter really resonates with me-- because I have been working on creating a world just like that! I have quite a few little stories of my medieval world in my head, but I am so jealous that the studio in that video and Kickstarter is able to live that dream. More power to them.

Should people actually start paying attention to my blog again, I might just be tempted to regale you with the exploits of the Paladin, the Trooper, the Sith, the Warlord, King Beardion the DragonLord, and The Kingdom of Cronali. (yes, all different stories in different venues)